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    文:xbreaker   来源:xbreaker   时间:2017-2-3 16:29:30   点击:1239

      1978年1月24日,Solo Moto在巴塞罗那举办了首场摩托障碍室内赛。担任该赛事13届技术经理的Pere Pi和摩托车手Joan Bordas首次在室内赛场用天然材料组建碍赛道。2017年2月5日,巴塞罗那摩托障碍室内赛作为国际摩联世锦赛揭幕站在圣乔治宫体育馆迎来40周年庆典。

      四十年来11位冠军得主Jaume Subira,Berni Schriber,Diego Bossis之父(意大利),Guilles Burgat(法国),Doug Lampkin(英国),Jordi Tarrés,Toni Bou等出席了盛典,赛间Jaume Alguersuari,Pere Pi和Joan Bordas为历届冠军颁发四十周年纪念奖杯。首届冠军Jaume Subirà获得一辆特别礼物Montesa Cota-249,十二届障碍单车世界冠军Ot Pi受邀出席活动。本届赛站Toni Bou继续保持不可战胜战绩,获得第十一次巴塞罗那赛站冠军。

    On 24th January 1978, the First Barcelona Indoor Trial was organized by Solo Moto. Mr. Pere Pi, the technical manager for 13 times since then, and Mr. Joan Bordas built the first Trial Indoor sections with natural materials. 5 February 2017, Solo Moto Trial Indoor celebrated the 40th annivesary as the opening of FIM series at Palau Sant Jordi.

    11 Champions in the 40 years: Berni Schriber, the father of Diego Bossis(Italy), Guilles Burgat(France), Dougie Lampkin (England), Jordi Tarrés and Toni Bou etc. was honoured 40th annivesary trophy by Jaume Alguersuari, Pere Pi and Joan Bordas. The first event winner Jaume Subira was given a special present of Montesa Cota-248. Loads of Moto Trial Indoor lengends and 12 times Biketrial World Champion Ot Pi presented to join the party, Toni Bou remains unbeatable with his 11th title in Bacelona.              (SoloMoto trialendurobcn trialworld Todotrial FIM sportvicious jitsie trialscentral trialmag photobysergio HRC todotrialvideo fim-pictures)

    loads of lengends presented to join the party

    Toni Gorgot, Pere Pi and Andreu Codina

    Jaume Alguersuari, Jaume Subirá, Joan Bordas and Pere Pi

    Moto Trial Indoor in 1980s(Section designed by Pere Pi)

    The waterfall section come back for celebration

    Toni Bou 11th win in Barcelona

    Toni Bou X-Trial Barcelona 2017(Sergio)

    Celebración 40 Aniversario Trial Indoor Solo Moto de Barcelona

    Trial Indoor Barcelona Barcelona
    2017年2月10日发布47 de los 82 pilotos que han participado alguna vez en el Trial Indoor Solo Moto de Barcelona fueron homenajeados el 5 de febrero durante la celebración de la primera prueba del Campeonato del Mundo de X-Trial 2017 en el Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona - Música en directo de City of Barcelona Pipe Band.

    Teaser 40anniversary TrialIndoorBCN40 - Castellano

    Trial Indoor Barcelona Barcelona
    2017年2月10日发布Tributo a los 11 ganadores de la historia del Trial Indoor Solo Moto de Barcelona (1978-2016) con música en vivo a cargo de City Of Barcelona Pipe Band

    40 Trial Indoor Solo Moto de Barcelona - Tribute

    Trial Indoor Barcelona Barcelona
    2017年2月1日发布Since 1978, 80 riders had participated in the unique and legendary Trial Indoor in the World. 11 different winners, a Tribute to them.

    Entrevista a Toni Bou i Jordi Tarrés

    Bou remains unbeatable in Barcelona

    © FIM/Good-Shoot 05/02/2017 fimtrialworldchampionships

    Reigning and already ten times champion Toni Bou – Repsol Honda opened the defence of his FIM X-Trial World Championship with an emphatic victory at the first round of the series in Barcelona, Spain. On a night when this famous event celebrated its 40th anniversary with a parade of previous winners and competitors, Bou cemented his place as the greatest of all amongst these victors with his eleventh win inside the Olympic arena.

    Although eventual runner-up Adam Raga – TRS offered a brave fight but he had no real answer to King Toni. The last podium place was finally decided by a fraught tie-decider with Jeroni Fajardo – Vertigo snatching it from Albert Cabestany – Sherco.

    With just five sections in play during qualification, the initial lap always promised to be a tight and tense affair and certainly lived up to the expectations. Showing no nerves on his full debut on the series Franz Kadlec – Gas Gas stole an early advantage over his equally young rival Jaime Busto – Repsol Honda as the German rider won the first speed section of the night by a single second.

    Busto responded well to this premature defeat and posted a total of ten marks over the opening five sections and was unlucky not to transfer to the final, yet could still be satisfied with his fifth position. Kadlec produced a spirited performance, but ended his debut on twenty marks and down in eighth spot.
    Fajardo got the better of James Dabill – Gas Gas in their initial sprint duel and the Spanish rider was to continue his superiority through the observed hazards too as he completed qualification for a mere six marks. This proved to be some eleven marks in front of Dabill who did not enjoy the best of nights in his new colours as he finished in a disappointing seventh.
    Just a few fractions of a second split Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda and Cabestany –after they raced around the speed section, with the Japanese veteran edging this first test. However, Fujinami failed to use this initial gain and with a total loss of twelve marks had to be content with sixth spot on this occasion. After a shaky start Cabestany recovered well to book his place in the final as he parted with six marks in all.
    The final pairing of Bou and Raga started with Toni winning the sprint, before the two favourites then surprisingly fived the first section to leave themselves with little room for any further errors over the remaining four hazards, if they were going to make it through to the four-rider final. Confirming their absolute pedigree both Bou and Raga managed to stay clean for the rest of the lap to join Cabestany and Fajardo in the next part of the competition.
    Typically it did not take long for Bou to establish a clear lead as the final came to life, his clean in the second section set the tone and by the time he became the only rider to be faultless in the fourth hazard the writing was already on the wall for his last remaining rivals.
    Confirming his absolute superiority Toni cleaned seven out the eight sections in the final to end the night sixteen marks ahead of Raga, although Adam’s score could have been slightly better if he had not chosen to be so extrovert in the closing watery zone. In reality Fajardo and Cabestany were never at the party and just became embroiled in a struggle to secure the last rostrum position. Jeroni was quickest in the speed section tie-break to seal his maiden podium place for Vertigo in the FIM X-Trial World Championship.
    The title fight will resume in Wiener Neustadt, Austria on 11th March.

    Barcelona - Key Facts 

    11th win for Bou in Barcelona
    Toni captures 9th victory in a row inside Palau Sant Jordi
    6th runners up spot for Raga in Barcelona
    Fajardo claims maiden X-Trial podium for Vertigo
    Cabestany knocked off rostrum in tie-decider
    Fujinami + Busto fail to make final
    Dabill + Kadlec round out the order

    Toni Bou in last section

    The incredible moment when Toni Bou grabbed top spot once again at the first round of the 2017 FIM X-Trial in Barcelona


    fimtrialworldchampionships 07/02/2017

    The opening round of the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship in Barcelona once again saw the home dominate the higher order, with the top five positions all occupied by Spanish riders. It was no real surprise that Toni Bou – Repsol Honda was the man who once more led the line. His display of skill and supremacy was simply sublime. Long time arch rival and the rider who has spent the longest time in Toni’s vast shadow, Adam Raga – TRS was a worthy runner up on the night and his efforts alongside Bou were warmly appreciated by the almost ten thousand strong Spanish crowd.

    The duel for the last podium placing was a real fierce fight, with Jeroni Fajardo – Vertigo and Albert Cabestany – Sherco needing a last call tie-decider to split this experienced Spanish pairing. It was Jeroni who was to prosper on this occasion as he gave Vertigo their first rostrum placing since the brand joined the series two seasons ago. The top five in Barcelona was rounded out by Jaime Busto – Repsol Honda who very much represents the future of Spanish Trial. The nineteen year old wild card entrant produced his best showing to date in front of his home fans, and with a little more composure Busto might have just made it through to the final.

    The three foreign riders in Barcelona were demoted to the lower places with Japan’s Takahisa  Fujinami – Repsol Honda, James Dabill – Gas Gas from Great Britain and Germany’s representative Franz Kadlec – Gas Gas ended the night in sixth, seventh and eighth respectively.

    The focus will be on this trio to break the Spanish dominance when the second round takes place in Wiener Neustadt, Austria on 11th March.

    2017 series to open with Barcelona's big birthday bash

    © FIM/Good-Shoot 30/01/2017  fimtrialworldchampionships

    Originally staged in the city's Palais des Sports before moving to its current home in the Palau Sant Jordi in 1992, the first event in 1978 saw a home win for Jaime Subira.

    American Bernie Schreiber won the next two editions before Toni Gorgot put the home nation back on top in 1981.

    Belgium's Eddy Lejeune then took a hat-trick, his run eventually stopped by Andreu Codina which began an amazing sequence of Spanish victories with only Italy's Diego Bosis - 1987 and British legend Dougie Lampkin - 1998, 2000 and 2001- preventing a whitewash by home riders.

    The great Jordi Tarres first won the event in 1986 and then from 1988 until 1993 he was unbeatable in Barcelona, amassing six consecutive wins. The seven-time FIM Trial World Champion has fond memories of the trial.

    “It has always been the benchmark event,” said Jordi. “In my day it was said that whoever won in Barcelona would be the next World Champion."

    “The proximity of the public in the old palace was such that you could even hear their comments when you were on the bike. The Palau Sant Jordi brought more public and bigger areas, but the competition lost a bit of that special intensity.”

    Despite the best efforts of Marc Colomer and Adam Raga, who have each taken five wins in Barcelona, Jordi held the record of seven victories until Toni Bou won for the eighth time in 2014.

    Bou has since gone on to extend his total to ten and this Sunday coming the reigning FIM Trial World Champion and FIM X-Trial World Champion will attempt to make that eleven with a ninth consecutive victory.

    If Toni does it will be an ideal start to his campaign before the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship moves on to Wiener Neustadt in Austria on 11th March, then signs off with two rounds in France in Marseille on 25th March and Nice on 31st March.

    First Barcelona Indoor Trial, 24th January 1978
    The initial event was the World's first major indoor trial
    Out of its 39 editions, the event has been won 30 times by Spanish riders
    The winner of the Barcelona Indoor Trial has gone on to win the FIM Trial World Championship in the same year on 22 occasions
    Toni Bou is the most successful rider in the history of the event with 10 victories
    Five-time winner Adam Raga has also finished runner-up on five occasions, each time to Toni Bou
    The opening round of the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship this coming Sunday will fittingly take place in Barcelona, Spain.
    The iconic event celebrates its 40th anniversary this year having long been a part of the World series.

    King Bou looks to retain his crown

    © FIM/Good-Shoot 01/02/2017 fimtrialworldchampionships

    Defending champion Toni Bou – Repsol Honda starts the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship this coming Sunday in Barcelona, Spain as an overwhelming favourite to win his eleventh successive title.

    Bou has won in Barcelona on ten occasions and has been unbeaten in the Palau Sant Jordi for the last eight years. However, having lost the opening round of the 2016 Championship in Sheffield, England to his fierce rival Adam Raga – TRS he knows he cannot afford to be complacent.

    “We will try, as always, to win the series,” said Bou. “It's always my goal. It is clear that a four-event championship does not allow for mistakes and riders always must give their best.”

    “It's the ‘home’ X-Trial for me, but also for most of my rivals so I do not have a special advantage. Everyone wants to win this event – and everyone wants to beat me!”
    His strongest challenge will almost certainly come from fellow Spaniards Raga and Albert Cabestany – Sherco. Both riders have beaten Bou indoors at least once in the last two seasons and over the last ten years have been Bou’s most consistent rivals.
    Raga, the last man to win the FIM Indoor / X-Trial World Championship before Bou began his incredible run, finished runner-up in 2015 and 2016. This may suggest he starts as second favourite but Cabestany – FIM Indoor Trial World Champion in 2002 – beat him into third place in the final two rounds of the 2016 series.
    Realistically, the remaining four permanent riders contesting the full season will have a tough job to displace the established top three.
    Spain’s Jeroni Fajardo – Vertigo finished fourth last year ahead of Japan’s ever-popular Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda and both riders will be hoping to stage a major upset. They will be joined by Britain’s James Dabill – Gas Gas and Germany’s young Franz Kadlec – Gas Gas.
    Dabill, third in January’s non-championship Sheffield Indoor Trial, will be looking to make a big impact on his full-time return to the FIM X-Trial World Championship. Kadlec, a wildcard on two previous occasions, makes his debut as a permanent rider.
    The eight-man field for Barcelona is completed by Spanish wildcard Jaime Busto – Repsol Honda, who just could spring a surprise himself on what promises to be a strong opening encounter to the 2017 series.

    FIM X-Trial - Key Facts

    Finland's Tommi Ahvala was the first FIM Indoor Trial World Champion in 1993
    Round one of the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship marks the 40th anniversary of the first Barcelona Indoor Trial
    Since Toni Bou began his incredible run of titles in 2007 - he has won 46 out of the 56 World Championship rounds held
    Bou went four years without defeat, achieving perfect seasons in 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014
    Spanish riders have won the FIM X-Trial World Championship every year since 2001 when Britain's Dougie Lampkin claimed the last of his five titles
    If Adam Raga can win in 2017 he will equal Lampkin's total of five indoor titles



    On the occasion that Barcelona, Spain will celebrate the 40th running of one of its most unique and iconic events, this Sunday will see the city have the honour of hosting the first round of the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship. This being the first time in the long history of the event that it has opened the series.

    Amongst the eight riders, seven permanent and one wild card who will do battle inside the famous Palau Sant Jordi are two Repsol Honda teamsters who represent two sides of the sport.

    At thirty-seven-years-old Japan's Takahisa Fujinami is the oldest rider on the tour having first competed in the series back in 1998. Despite him being the elder statesman in this elite paddock Fujinami remains a podium contender as he explained. “I'm the most veteran rider in the paddock, but I've still got the motivation and my results are good. How far can I go? Everything depends on the result. I don't set the limit. X-Trial is important, but I have to recognise that my pre-season training for the series hasn't been so intense and perhaps I have focused more on outdoor. That way I arrive at the championship with no pressure. After finishing third outdoor and having finished one of the indoor events in fourth place, my aim for this year is to be on the podium in some of the season's events.”

    Meanwhile nineteen-year-old Jamie Busto from Spain will be the youngest competitor on Sunday. Busto enters the affray as a wild card who has yet to really show his full potential especially on the Barcelona stage, as he is happy to confirm. “This will be my third year as a wildcard rider in the Barcelona X-Trial. After the previous experiences over the last two years, hopefully I will be able to say, ‘third time lucky’, and finally have a good result. It will be difficult to get into the final, but I am going to fight even though indoor is not really the speciality best-suited to my riding style.”


    WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS/X-TRIAL 04/02/2017 fimtrialworldchampionships

    Tomorrow as the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship gets underway in Barcelona, Spain just three riders will have the chance of breaking a fifteen-year cycle that has seen Spanish riders top this event without intervention. Japan's Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda, James Dabill – Gas Gas from Great Britain and Germany's Franz Kadlec – Gas Gas are the trio who are faced with toppling the mighty Spanish armada that consists of Toni Bou – Repsol Honda, Adam Raga – TRS, Albert Cabestany – Sherco, Jeroni Fajardo – Vertigo and Jaime Busto – Repsol Honda.

    Britain's Dougie Lampkin then Montesa mounted was the last 'foreigner' to stand on top of the box inside the famous arena back in 2001. Having destroyed his rivals during the qualification round Lampkin then endured a tense battle with Marc Colomer – Gas Gas before finally managing what was his fifth win in a row in the 2001 series. A certain Albert Cabestany then riding Beta, who remains a rostrum challenger to this day, joined Dougie and Marc on the podium on 4th February 2001.

    Speaking about his win that night Lampkin said. “I always like winning, but to win in Barcelona is both very important and special to me and for Montesa.”

    Today Barcelona remains one of the most, if not the most important event in the calendar.

    Results - 2001 FIM Indoor Trial World Championship

    Round 5 - Barcelona, Spain – Sunday 04/02/01

    Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 1,
    Albert Cabestany (Beta) 13,
    Marc Colomer (Gas Gas) 15
    Non Qualifiers: Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa) 22,
    Marc Freixa (Sherco) 24
    Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 24 (after tie break)

    Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 12,
    Marc Colomer (Gas Gas) 16
    Albert Cabestany (Beta) 35 (eliminated prior to final race)

    Championship after 5 of 11 rounds:
    1: Lampkin 100
    2: Cabestany 73
    3: Freixa 72
    4: Colomer 70
    5: Fujinami 58
    6: Colley 57


    责任编辑: Xbreaker

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